English Version 2018


The 2018 version of ELE-SGMS-COM includes English material for 4-year-old children attending before and after-school programs.

It includes 11 themes that can be covered at the rate of about one theme per three weeks from late September to early June. For each theme, specific activities are offered.

The choice of books and activities was done taking into account the characteristics of the children of this age along with the before and after-school programs’ specific environment.

Each theme forms a whole and offers a variety of activities for different purposes. Thus, if you have less time, it is better to choose a theme out of two, or three, and to animate all the proposed activities, than to do only one activity in each of the themes.

The order of the themes is important, since there is a progression in the difficulty of the activities between the beginning and the end of the year. You can, however, reverse themes from the same season as you wish.

Let Pelitôt, our character, guide you. Do not hesitate to adapt the activities according to your needs.